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Architectural Drafting Technicians prepare drawings with computer aided design (CAD) technology from rough sketches and specifications.  A variety of other duties may be performed depending on the specialty of the employer and the nature of the position. The duties may consist of preparing construction drawings, researching of materials, equipment and codes, preparing material lists for bid, preparing shop drawings, estimating material and construction costs and verifying construction compliance.

A set of drawings, which depicts the actual as-built conditions of the completed construction, provides the user with a permanent record of each project feature. These working as-built drawings will typically be red lined mark ups of two sets of the Construction plans, (one for use by the Contractor and one for use by the Owner). Top

Our civil drafting services include the development of CAD drawings for roadways, grading, paving, sediment and erosion control, land development, underground utilities, demolition site plans, track work and maintenance of traffic.Top

There are many ways in which we can be of service to you. You may extend the way you work with your inhouse drafting personnel to us. For example, you may send us your floor plans and we will draw in the lighting points based on the design criteria given by you. You may also send us your sketches and we will work on the lighting layout based on these sketches.  We list below some of the drawings we may produce for you.Top

1. Electrical Schematics and Line Diagrams
2. Building Lighting and power Layout Plans


Fire Protection \ Security

Logo Design
Your logo must be unique, memorable...and simple. The creative team at Inventive Concepts blend inspiration, design skill and marketing expertise to create logo designs that perfectly reflect your company brand. Top



Technical Services for FEMA's MHIP:

·  DFIRM Panels (DFIRM Production Tools)

·  Conversion of FIRM Panels / FIRM Panel LOMR's

This is an example of Zone AE digitized with 1% and 0.2% annual chance flood boundaries, Floodway, BFE’s, Cross Sections, Limits, Stream Centerline and edge matching ( features may vary depending on your needs )

·  Complete Conversion of FIS Profiles / Profile LOMR’s

*Note: FIS Profiles are also created using shape files provided by client.

·  Updating Cross-Section Over Banks with LiDAR

·  Scanning Flood Insurance Study Booklets ( FIS Profiles with
    clients naming convention for rectifying .tif’s )