Production Services | Digital Conversions for FEMA's MHIP

Professional Staffing Services

For many companies, Inventive Concepts is the staffing agency of choice. We are a full-service corporation providing Architectural / Engineering firms and Municipalities value added staffing with architects, engineers, eit’s, designers, CAD operators, data entry and general office help. Our clients range from growing start-up organizations to the top rated 100 design firms. We offer three levels of placement – Contract, Contract-to-Hire and Direct Hire. We conduct in-depth personal interviews with every candidate, which not only qualifies their suitability for our client, but also helps the candidate to clarify and achieve their career goals. Our placements are typically a long-term solution for both the candidate and the client. We work hard to provide our clients with staffing solutions that improve their business performance and profitability.

Production Services

Inventive Concepts offers full production assistance at our location, utilizing industry leading drafting and GIS software. Our production techniques vary depending on the project scope. Many projects demand the use of specialized industry software, while others require the technical knowledge to incorporate the use of several programs. AutoCAD, Microstation and ArcView, are just a handful of the applications we use to provide services for the management and visual representation of complex information. Our technical service production team has a wealth of experience in a variety of industries. In addition to our Architectural / Engineering clients, we provide technical services to the following; HealthCare, Legal, Law Enforcement and Government agencies. Inventive Concepts takes pride in providing a value- added service while filling our clients DBE requirements.Top

Our capabilities are multidisciplinary and include, but are not limited to, assistance in these areas:



Fire Protection



Logo Design







Production Services for the MHIP (FEMA)

At Inventive Concepts, our minds truly never rest. As a woman-owned, full service technical production firm, we continue to enhance our commitment to our clients by expanding our Cost Effective Services for the MHIP.

Inventive Concepts has developed innovative programming/procedures that outpace other raster to vector conversions with program standard sets in mind. Combined with cutting edge digital conversion and technical services, these value-added programs/procedures enable us to assist IDIQ contractors with cost effective means for the MHIP in multiple regions. Over two decades of technical production experience and forward thinking translates into real savings for the following:

DFIRM Panels (DFIRM Production Tools)

Providing clients with production support performing steps 11-13, 16 ( ICI will mark-up then edit for Clients final review ) and step 17 described in DFIRM work flow steps.

Conversion of FIRM Panels   

Zone A/X with Flood Boundary and Stream Centerline with edge matching

Zone AE with 1% and 0.2% annual chance flood boundaries, Floodway, BFE’s, Cross Sections, Limits, Stream Centerline and edge matching ( features may vary depending on your needs ) for example click here

Complete Conversion of FIRM Panel LOMR’s

1% and 0.2% annual chance flood boundaries, Floodway, BFE’s, Cross Sections, Limits, Stream Centerline

Complete Conversion of FIS Profiles / Profile LOMR’s   
For example click here

Complete FIS Profile using supplied shape files

Scanning Flood Insurance Study Booklets ( FIS Profiles with clients naming convention for rectifying .tif’s )

Updating Cross-Section Over Banks with LiDAR

Inventive Concept does not out-source any work associated with this program. All work is done in-house, start to finish. This insures that the final product is of the highest quality our clients have come to expect.

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